The 2014 European River Restoration Conference will combine the presentation of river restoration practices and the institutional capacity building aspects of contemporary river corridor management addressed by the SEE River project. While there will be particular emphasis on the practical aspects of river restoration practices, effectiveness, capacity, finance, policy and research.

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The selected submissions and invited keynote speakers ensure that the programme delivers the following objectives:

  • To promote and share examples of effective river restoration and transboundary integrated river basin management.
  • Capture ‘state of the art’ examples of river restoration, including leading activities and tools.
  • Show that river restoration and integrated river basin management can contribute real solutions to the implementation of related policy objectives.
  • Showcase inspiring examples of river restoration that point the way towards the realisation of new initiatives, such as Contemporary River Corridor Management, Natural Water Retention and Green Infrastructure.
  • Contribute to the ultimate goal of increased uptake of ecological river restoration and river basin management in policy and practice, leading to better outcomes.

In thematic sessions, oral and poster presentations will be given and workshops will be held on several aspects of river restoration practices. The themes of this sessions and presentation are varied, including: cross-sectoral concerns, community engagement, public participation, stakeholder involvement and transboundary cooperation to urban development, land use planning, energy, agriculture, floods and water supply, restoring hydro-morphological processes, fish migration and ecosystem services.

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