Conference Themes

The 2014 European River Restoration Conference will combine the presentation of river restoration practices and the institutional capacity building aspects of contemporary river corridor management addressed by the SEE River project. There will be particular emphasis on the practical aspects of river restoration practices, effectiveness, capacity, finance, policy and research. The conference has the following main themes, with emphasis on the practical aspects of river restoration practices, capacity, finance, policy, and research:

  • Urban river restoration and city development;
  • Land use / agriculture and river restoration;
  • Hydropower; mitigation and compensation of impacts through river restoration;
  • Restoring hydro-morphological processes and sediment continuity;
  • Fish migration and river restoration;
  • Cost effective solutions for river management; undertaking river restoration that delivers ecosystem services benefits.

While the emphasis is on the practical aspects based on real-life cases, the conference will also examine the overall approach to integrated river basin management with the cross cutting issues:

  • Improving the capacities for involved actors for integrated river corridor management;
  • Building stakeholder dialogue for informed decision-making on river management;
  • Establishing the links and cooperation between local, regional, national and international level stakeholders in order to ensure sustainable transboundary integrated management of river corridors;
  • Developing and ensuring the bottom up and top down approaches and their combinations.

The conference will also present the practical experiences, challenges and solutions in contemporary river management from 6 rivers, addressed in the SEE River project.


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