• Your submission and any attachment, must include your name, organisation, email address and telephone number.
• In your submission include a title and short description of max 500 words of the topic and format of the presentation.
• Submissions can be uploaded at the conference website
• We encourage submissions of any type linking to the six conference themes.
• Don’t view strict adherence to the themes as a barrier to making submissions.
• Be imaginative. For example instead of a Power Point presentation try a short film or video, or try to include interviews to incorporate alternative views from outside the conference.
• Sessions should be in a range of formats, so propose submissions that include discussions or interaction with the audience.
• More traditional presentations are also welcome.
• Poster submission summaries; posters selected for the conference will be printed (95 x 205 cm) by the conference organisation.
• If you are selected for a presentation other then poster, you need to provide a draft version of the presentation prior to the event.
• You may be invited to be the keynote speaker of your session.

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